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Panettone,  originally from Milan, panettone has become the staple of Italian Christmas cakes, made from raised dough, enriched with egg yolks, raisins, lemon zest and candied orange. Although it is a traditional Christmas food, you can enjoy it with your breakfast, coffee and, sometimes, it is served as a sweet accompaniment to sweet wine. It can be reheated in the oven or served with crepe angles or fresh Iscarpone cheese.

Traditional Italian Christmas Cake is known as Christmas Log.  It’s all about chocolate inside out, from the sponge to the outside, just Maravilloso.

Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. Typically a Veronese product, pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an eight-pointed star section

Turrón, or Torrone, is a southern European nougat confection, typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts, and usually shaped into either a rectangular tablet or a round cake.
Cantuccini Biscotti, known also as Cantucci, are Italian almond biscuits that originated in the Tuscan city of Prato. They are twice-baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy, and may be dipped in a drink, traditionally Vin Santo.

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